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Drug supply prosecution dropped

By  |  12.04.2019

A car was stopped and found to contain 1kg of cocaine and several thousand pounds in cash. Our client was in the passenger seat.

Found at his home was a considerable amount of cocaine.

Our client denied knowledge of the drugs in the car and said the cocaine found at his home was for his own personal use.

The prosecution stated they relied upon CCTV evidence which purported to show our client repeatedly checking his phone and looking out onto the street as if waiting for someone. However the summary prepared did not accord with what was supplied and checked by us. We made enquiries of the CPS regarding the accuracy of the written summary. Shortly after this the CPS offered no evidence against our client in relation to the drugs found in the car. He was therefore sentenced for possession only of the drugs found at his home.

Rachel Hobba was our client’s solicitor and David Kitson was his advocate at court.

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