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Ex-boxer acquitted of GBH with intent

By  |  20.09.2017

Our client, a former boxer, was acquitted of causing GBH with intent having punched the victim.

He was one of several charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent. CCTV evidence showed numerous individuals involved in an attack on the victim.

Our client was clearly seen to assault the victim, knocking him out in the process.

Our client pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of causing GBH, however the crown proceeded to trial with the more serious charge on the basis of comments our client made in his police interview (when he did not have a solicitor present) about his amateur boxing history.  As a result the prosecution took the view that our client intended to cause really serious harm when he punched the victim.

Our client  was acquitted of the more serious allegation and received a suspended sentence for the matter to which he had pleaded guilty. One of his co-defendants was found guilty of causing GBH with intent.

Rachel Hobba had conduct of this case and counsel was Alex Radley of 4BB.

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