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Exposure case brought to an early end

By Robert Morton  |  15.08.2023

In proceedings before Harrow Crown Court, Sonn Macmillan Walker secured a not guilty verdict for a teenager suspected of flashing three separate women on four consecutive nights, each time in the same location.

Following identification procedures, our client was prosecuted in respect of two of the exposures. Following representations, the CPS dropped one charge and proceeded on the other.

Our client was alleged to have approached the victim’s car while it was stationary at traffic lights, exposed himself to the driver, and fled into a nearby college. The victim identified him minutes later as he left the college. Our client denied that it had been him.

At trial, the Judge ruled that the identification evidence was so poor that he could not safely leave the case to the jury to reach a verdict. The victim had only had a fleeting glance of our client, at night and could only describe his clothes that were indistinct. Even before the victim had been cross examined, the Judge directed not guilty verdicts, bringing the case to an unusually early conclusion.

David Sonn assisted by Robert Morton instructed Sarah Elliott KC of Doughty Street Chambers.

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