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False imprisonment charges dropped

By  |  22.01.2019

We represented a mother and father charged with false imprisonment. They were accused of chaining their son to his bed on two separate dates, preventing him from leaving the address. The complainant managed to call the police through his Xbox in his bedroom.

This case was brought despite the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service accepted the complainant was a drug addict and was being prevented from leaving to buy more drugs. The CPS also accepted that the chain was not sturdy and, with force, the complainant could have escaped.  It was accepted that his mother was also at the home when he was chained, she regularly checked on him, and provided food and drink to him.

The case was sent to the Crown Court but, before the Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing, we wrote a letter to the prosecution submitting why it was not in the public interest to continue to prosecute the parents and why, we said, there was no realistic prospect of conviction. Following those representations, while still at a very early stage in proceedings, the prosecution decided to discontinue the case against both our clients.

Aysha Moore had conduct of this matter and made representations to the CPS.


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