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Indecent images client avoids prison

By David Bloom  |  19.09.2017

Our client pleaded guilty to downloading over 1000 indecent sexual images, including 20 category A images of children.

The Crown Court was persuaded to impose a short suspended sentence of imprisonment and attached conditions that will allow our client to receive appropriate medical treatment in the community.

Our detailed preparations for the sentencing hearing included the commission of a forensic psychiatric assessment. This independent expert report demonstrated that our client was suffering from a recognised mental health condition linked to the commission of the offence and outlined the likely consequesnce of an immediate custodial sentence. In addition, we advised and assisted our client in securing a coveted place on a 10-week private treatment course that confirmed the steps he was taking to address his offending behaviour.

David Bloom, assisted by Charlotte Bennett, instructed Philippa McAtasney QC of Furnival Chambers in this case.

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