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Not guilty of domestic assault by beating

By  |  24.09.2017

The District Judge acquitted our client of domestic assault by beating after hearing that his wife had hacked into his computer and discovered evidence of infidelity.

Our client was alleged to have strangled his wife during an argument on a Sunday morning. The following day she found a photo of him kissing another woman, sent the picture to many of his relatives and even contacted the woman he had kissed before confronting him late Monday evening. It was only then that she made the call to the police, some 36 hours after the alleged assault, despite her stating in open court that she had feared for her life. Despite no evidence of injury or any other corroborating evidence, our client was charged with assault by beating.

Fortunately our client was represented by Daniel Cavaglieri at trial, and the District Judge didn’t even need to hear closing argument, so sure was he that only a not guilty verdict could be returned.

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