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Not guilty of joint enterprise shooting

By  |  12.07.2017

Our client (B) was a 21 year old male acquitted of manslaughter and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

He was accused of being part of a plan to intimidate and threaten, which led to a young male being killed. B faced trial alongside 2 others, whilst a 4th individual (S) remains wanted by police having fled the country the day after the incident.

The deceased was staying with friends at an address which was linked to drug dealing when 3 individuals attended the block of flats. Buzzer entry was gained to the communal area and at least one individual went to the door of the flat.  The deceased opened the door and was shot in the abdomen.  This single shot led to his death.  Another individual within the flat stated the gunman made a comment that ‘it just went off’. There was CCTV footage of three individuals fleeing the scene and B was identified as being one of those males.

The prosecution case was that a male within the flat owed a debt to one of the defendants.  They alleged that S attended the address to threaten and intimidate in order to enforce the debt and he took B and a co-defendant with him.  It was alleged that all involved knew of the plan and had knowledge that S was in possession of a loaded firearm.

B accepted presence at the scene but stated he attended the property in order to purchase cannabis. He denied having any knowledge of the debt owed, the fact S was in possession of a firearm, or any plan to threaten or intimidate.

Expert telephone analysis

There was significant telephone evidence, particularly in relation to B’s movements during the evening following the incident which the prosecution suggested was B assisting in covering up the crime.  We instructed our own expert to analyse this and we were able to neutralise its effect.

Alex Whitmore advised our client at the police station. Amy Cox was the solicitor with conduct of the case. Rebecca Trowler QC led Sarrah Kerslake at trial.

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