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Not guilty verdicts recorded after 2 hung juries in a rape case

By Amy Cox  |  17.07.2023

Our client was a German national on holiday in the UK when he met a girl and engaged in sexual activity with her.

The Crown accepted that the complainant left her friends and returned to our clients hotel with the intention of having sex with him. The issues in the case were whether she was too drunk to consent and also whether she specifically consented to the rough sex that took place.

Preparation for trial included pursuing disclosure requests and carefully considering the first accounts given by the complainant and her friends to the officers which were captured on their body worn cameras, and comparing these to their statements.

Our client was of good character and character evidence was called at both trials.

Kirsty Brimelow KC acted at the first trial in which our client was acquitted of one offence but the jury were hung on the remaining 3 offences. At re-trial he was represented by Katy Thorne KC and again the jury were hung. The Crown confirmed they would not proceed to a second re-trial and not guilty verdicts were formally recorded. Our client was finally able to return to Germany to his family and expressed his gratitude for the representation and support he’d received from our firm throughout the process.

Amy Cox prepared this case, assisted by Frederick Legg. Kirsty Brimelow KC and Katy Thorne KC, both of Doughty Street Chambers were instructed.

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