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Prosecution Accept Plea to Simple Possession

By Phoebe Coleman  |  22.03.2021

Our client was charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs after being stopped and searched by police.

The search revealed he had £40 in his sock and he was carrying a ‘burner’ phone. At the police station, 9 wraps of class A drugs were found in our client’s possession. Our client had numerous drug related previous convictions.

We made representations to the Prosecution regarding the delay before bringing proceedings and the pressures on the Court system during the coronavirus pandemic. We argued that telephone evidence was weak, and did not show any clear indication of our client dealing drugs at the relevant time. Finally, we argued the amount of drugs seized was consistent with personal use, which was supported by our client’s positive drug test at the police station.

In these circumstances, we invited the Prosecution to accept a plea to simple possession of class A and they agreed. Our client was extremely pleased and avoided a custodial sentence in respect of the offence.

Head of Litigation, Amy Cox, had conduct of this case and was assisted by Phoebe Coleman. Bozzie Sheffi at 4 Breams Buildings was instructed.

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