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Prosecution accept representations on plea

By Amy Cox  |  03.04.2019

Our client was charged with a number of offences including threats to kill, possession of a knife, criminal damage, and assault.

Our client denied the allegations and was due to stand trial in March 2019. If convicted, our client was looking at a lengthy custodial sentence. The evidence against our client was strong and included CCTV footage and witness statements from independent witnesses. The prosecution had also made a bad character application, applying to tell the jury about our client’s previous convictions for similar offences.

Following concerns about our client’s mental health, we instructed two psychiatrists two assess his fitness to plead and stand trial. Although both reports concluded that he was fit to plead and stand trial, they concluded that our client had a personality disorder, which we noted would be relevant in mitigation if convicted. Following our successful representations to the prosecution, they were persuaded to accept a guilty plea to one count of affray. Our client was sentenced to 20 months’ imprisonment, which was deemed served due to the period of time he had spent on remand and meant he was eligible for immediate release.  This was a significantly shorter sentence than he would received if convicted after trial.

Amy Cox and Milly Blunt prepared the case for trial, and Bozzie Sheffi of 4 Breams Building was instructed trial counsel.

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