Success Stories

Prosecution persuaded to drop burglary charge

By Amy Cox  |  23.09.2019

Our client was charged with burglary and going equipped for burglary having been seen allegedly attempting to cut free a bicycle in a secure hospital bike unit.

The case took months to come to Court, being placed in three warned lists for trial but not listed.  During this time, our client pleaded to a separate burglary offence and was sentenced separately by a different Court. In light of his plea to that other matter, and the length of time it took from arrest to trial in this case, written representations were submitted to the Crown arguing that it was not in the public interest to continue to prosecute for these offences. Argued again orally by the barrister at Court, these representations were ultimately successful, and no evidence was offered by the Crown before trial began. Not guilty verdicts were formally recorded for both offences and the case concluded without need for a trial.

Amy Cox prepared the case and Jon Mitchell at 4 Breams Buildings was instructed.

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