Success Stories

Reconsidered available amount reduced by £20k

By David Bloom  |  13.12.2019

Our client was made subject to a confiscation order in 2013 when he was represented by a different legal team. The Crown Court determined his benefit figure was £286,009.27 and he had available to him £1,500, which was duly paid.

In June 2019, the Crown alleged our client had available to him assets totalling more than £31k, including various motor vehicles.

We challenged the Crown’s assertions, which resulted in their concession that they had incorrectly attributed assets to our client, or otherwise inflated valuations. Our efforts led to the Crown accepting that our client now has available to him less than £10k which the Court has endorsed as being correct. This was a significant reduction in the attribution of his assets and resulted in a far less onerous order against him.

David Bloom, specialist POCA solicitor, represented our client.


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