Success Stories

Self-defence acquittal

By Lorena Lowen  |  06.12.2019

We represented the defendant who was accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on his partner. Our client said that he acted in self-defence.

Our client was arrested after the complainant reported an assault to the emergency services. Photographs taken of the complainant a few hours after the assault showed clear red marks around her neck and light bruising to her eye.

We took a witness statement from the defendant’s sister and her friend who saw the complainant shortly after the alleged assault. We also requested the recording and transcript of the complainant’s 999 call. Counsel was then able to challenge the truth of the evidence the complainant gave in Court against what she said in her 999 call in cross-examination, revealing crucial inconsistencies.

The jury unanimously acquitted our client.

Phoebe Coleman and Lorena Lowen prepared the case for trial, and Natasha Lloyd-Owen from 25 Bedford Row was instructed Counsel.

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