Success Stories

Self-defence success

By  |  28.10.2019

We represented the defendant who was accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Our client said that it was he who was assaulted and that he only acted in self-defence.

He was employed as a cashier in a betting shop. The complainant, a regular customer, alleged that he was assaulted by our client. We were able to prove that CCTV captured the whole incident but that the police were so slow in requesting it that, by the time they did so, it had been deleted.

The complainant and a witness for the prosecution claimed that they did not know each other well and gave similar accounts, but we traced a witness who not only confirmed our client’s account but gave evidence that the two prosecution witnesses were speaking to each other during the incident. The defendant also gave evidence on his behalf.

The jury unanimously acquitted the defendant.

Our client was represented by Rachel Hobba and David Kitson.

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