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Self defence success

By  |  19.09.2019

Our client was accused of punching and pushing the complainant to the floor causing a chipped tooth, that required dental work, and a cut to lower lip.

CCTV footage was served showing the complainant remonstrate with our client about a queue at McDonalds inside Victoria Station.  The CCTV jumped every two seconds but showed what appeared to be our client throwing a single punch to the complainant’s face who then stumbled forward and fell to the floor. On the face of it this evidence gave the impression that our client had acted unreasonably and aggressively. Our client admitted he had assaulted the complainant but stated that he had acted in lawful self-defence using a single pre-emptive strike believing that he was about to come under attack by the complainant who was intoxicated and physically of a larger build. We requested and transcribed the body worn video of the arresting officer where our client could be heard stating he had acted in self defence.  We also obtained our client’s medical records and used them at trial to show that he suffers from a blood condition which supported his assertion that he would only resort to physical confrontation if absolutely necessary.

During cross-examination of the complainant at trial, he gave evidence contradictory to what could be seen on the CCTV. Our client gave clear evidence of his account and he was acquitted.

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