When facing the most serious of offences, only the best legal representation will do the job. At Sonn Macmillan Walker we have extensive experience in representing individuals charged with the most serious of offences that involve the death of another.  

Given that an accusation of murder or manslaughter will involve a death and the prospect of a significant sentence, including life imprisonment, we appreciate the impact of such an allegation on an individual.  

At Sonn Macmillan Walker we have represented individuals in all manner of murder allegations including multi defendant stabbings or shootings, which can involve a gang related background and where principles such as joint enterprise and the admissibility of music lyrics can be relevant.  We have experience in respect of cases which alleged premediated murder or cases in which a death has occurred in a fast-moving situation.   We have represented individuals facing these charges following a death in a domestic setting, relating to the death of a family member or partner, and have acted in many cases where the mental health of our client is crucial to their defence.  

We will always consider potential defences including self defence, and also specific partial defences relevant to murder allegations of diminished responsibility or loss of control which can reduce a murder to manslaughter. 

In a murder case we will always act promptly to ensure a pathologist is instructed and a second post mortem is undertaken if necessary.  As with all cases we have connections with the most sought after experts and Barristers to work as a team in preparing these cases.  

Attempted murder  

For those accused of attempted murder, the potential sentence remains significant, but the legal tests are different.  Where an individual is accused of murder it is for the prosecution to prove the individual caused the death, and that their intention at the time was to cause grievous bodily harm.  However, in respect of an accusation of attempted murder the prosecution must prove the individual had an intent to kill.  At Sonn Macmillan Walker we also have substantial experience representing those charged with attempted murder.  

Our skilled representation in these complex and often emotionally charged allegations will begin from the earliest stage with our advice and assistance to individuals at the police station being provided from senior members of our team. 

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