Confiscation orders

It's tough being convicted of a criminal offence but even harder when the prosecution commences confiscation proceedings. Whether you're at risk of the sale of your home or valuable assets or imprisonment if you won't pay, you will need expert advice.

If it’s been shown that you’ve benefited financially from a crime, a confiscation order can come into play under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Prosecutors will calculate how much you’ve benefited and how much you need to repay, taking advice from forensic accountants, property valuers and other financial experts.

Understanding this complicated and technical process isn’t easy but we’ll help you all we can:

  • Expertise in working with clients facing confiscation orders
  • We’ll fight to limit the amount you’re liable for
  • Straightforward advice every step of the way

Ensure you have the right people fighting your corner and protecting you and your family. Call us and speak to David Sonn, our specialist confiscation solicitor.