Driving offences: information you might find useful

According to the most recently published Government statistics, there are more than half a million prosecutions each year for less serious road traffic offences. That does not include prosecutions arising from fatal or serious injury collisions.

Many, if not most, defence solicitors do not specialise in defending motoring offences. By contrast, Sonn Macmillan Walker has for many years done so.  Lead by David Sonn, the firm has an acknowledged reputation in this field.  It defends in the most minor to the most serious cases; including in the Crown Court and High Court.

We can advise clients when a case is worth fighting and when not.  We will give an honest appraisal of when, for example, it is worth spending fees on trying to a avoid a totting disqualification or when it is worth spending fees challenging a prosecution for speeding or failing to identify the driver.

Defendants facing a charge of causing death or serious injury by driving require the utmost skill in their representation.  The prosecution case will invariably rely on a traffic collision report prepared by a specialist and experienced traffic officer.  That demands careful scrutiny by an experienced solicitor and frequently a report prepared by a defence expert.  Only a solicitor with requisite skill will know whom to instruct and how to do so.

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