There are a large number of different drugs offences which range in seriousness. It is an offence simply to possess a controlled drug, and a much more serious offence to have any involvement in the importation or supply of controlled drugs. Other drugs offences include producing or cultivating drugs, or allowing your premises to be used in the supply of drugs.

At Sonn Macmillan Walker, we are aware of the complex circumstances that can lead to involvement with drugs, and the effect a conviction could have on your future. Regardless of the type of offence and the seriousness of your case, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are fully advised and receive the highest quality representation.

We have considerable experience of defending drugs matters. Our lawyers deal with more minor allegations of simple possession on a daily basis. Our Crown Court lawyers have special expertise in large multi-handed conspiracies to import or supply drugs, as well as frequent experience with street dealing, undercover police test-purchase operations, and drug production or cultivation.

Recent Cases

R v X (2022) – Our client was found in possession of 37kg of cocaine and charged with concern in the supply of class A drugs. The prosecution accepted his basis of plea and he received a sentence of 3 years imprisonment. Click here to read more.

R v W (2021) – Our client was unanimously acquitted of importing class A drugs valued at £1 million into the UK. Click here to read more.

R v S (2021) – Our client was accused of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. His 2018 trial resulted in a hung jury. He was retried in 2021 resulting and unanimously acquitted of the very serious allegation. Click here to read more.

R v P (2020) – Our client was accused of playing a significant role in a 6-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and Class C drugs. The evidence consisted of surveillance and extensive telephone evidence. Our client was acquitted. Click here to read more.

R v K (2020) – Our client was accused of production of Class B drugs after he was arrested in a property where over 100 cannabis plants. After we made multiple written representations based of a defence of modern slavery, the prosecution offered no evidence and not guilty verdicts were entered against our client. Click here to read more.

R v JP (2020) – Our client was accused of producing class A drugs. We instructed an drugs expert regarding whether our client had all the necessary equipment to make meth, and a computer expert to show our client had researched various topics, not just meth production. On the first day of trial the Crown accepted our basis of plea and our client was sentenced to a community order. Click here to read more.

R v W (2020) Our client was the driver and sole occupant of vehicle stopped by police. He was found to be in possession ½ kilogram block of cocaine valued at £18,000 – £20,000. Our client pleaded guilty on the basis that he was a courier acting under pressure. With strong mitigation and references received a suspended sentence.

R v G (2020) Our client was arrested after a suitcase containing more than 1kg of cocaine was found in a hotel room in London along with scales and tick lists. Our client pleaded guilty with a basis of plea that was accepted by the prosecution. Although the prosecution submitted that the sentence starting point was 8½ years, with strong mitigation and references our client received a sentence of imprisonment of 4½ years.