From simple possession to commercial scale importation: we can and have helped. Possession of drugs can have serious implications for your character, future career, and even ability to travel to certain countries. Possession with intent to supply and importation are far more serious.

Experts in defending drugs cases

We have the expertise to deal with all situations. We understand that it i not always ‘just’ a possession case. For many people such a conviction would be a disaster and while we cannot guarantee an acquittal we can promise that we will investigate all realistic options. Dealing with commercial quantities of drugs requires different skills as these cases often involve complex and unusual evidence such as surveillance or informants. Again, we have dealt with many of these cases over the years and we can advise you on how this evidence might impact on your case.

The experience to get results

Persuading the prosecution to discontinue a case of possession because of an ill-prepared prosecution, or demonstrating the fallacies in an importation case are just some of the results we have achieved for clients in recent years.

Our team are able to swiftly identify what’s important to you and what the important issues are and get to work on defending you.

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