Our experience in drugs cases

From celebrities and professionals accused of possession of small amounts of drugs to large scale conspiracies to import: we have dealt with them all and we have obtained some excellent results for our clients.

Simple Possession

These cases often benefit from an early involvement by defence solicitors in an attempt to divert the case away from prosecution. Sometimes it is possible to persuade the police to offer a caution while at other times detailed representations after charge to the Crown Prosecution Service can have a similar or even better effect.

We have recently persuaded the CPS to drop charges of possession of class C against a client who held a senior position in a national institution. In another case, despite the initial decision to charge, we persuaded the CPS  to reconsider the position on the basis that no defence solicitor had made representations, and it was ultimately decided to caution our client.

Supply of drugs

We have been involved in defending allegations of conspiracy to supply very large quantities of heroin and cocaine. Recently we secured an acquittal of a client who had, along with others, been under police surveillance. Individuals were observed to travel from London to Birmingham where they were seen transferring hundreds of kilos of heroin from one car to another. When the cars were stopped drugs were seized. Our client was acquitted of all charges.


A client operated a freezer facility for storage of frozen meat. He took delivery of a consignment of what turned out to be over 400kg of cocaine. National Crime Squad officers traced the conspirators who had arranged for the drugs to be brought into the country. Our client was acquitted of involvement.

Another client, in another part of the country, was said to be involved in importing hundreds of kilos of cocaine. Evidence suggested that he was involved in financing matters in the UK and in communicating with those abroad. He was acquitted.

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