Fraud and theft

Any fraud investigation can be extremely damaging, not only to your business but also your personal reputation. That's why it's crucial you work with a firm with experience, knowledge and the ability to move quickly. We've acted in some of the largest serious fraud and financial crime cases ever in the UK - ones that have gone on for years and involved hundreds of thousands of documents.

Fraud: We know our way around

This significant experience means we’re completely at home in this complex area of law. We know the people to talk to and the best way to get the right result for you. We’re also good at keeping you in the loop so you know what’s happening, every step of the way.

This area of law can be a minefield but we’ve got what it takes to guide you through and protect your rights:

  • A track record in both the High Court and Court of Appeals that speaks for itself.
  • Significant experience of serious fraud and financial crime cases.
  • Solicitors who give you the facts and keep you informed.

We’ll fight your corner

The police, NCA, SFO and FCA all have wide ranging powers when it comes to investigations or prosecutions and will often try to restrain or confiscate assets – that’s why you need someone robust enough to take them on. We’re fearless and prepared to stand up to them as we defend you.

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All you need to do now is pick up the phone and speak to Tim Walker or David Sonn, our specialist fraud solicitors. You’ll be glad you did.

Recent cases:

IS v O (2021) Prosecution for 9 offences including 4 offences of high value fraud was dropped against our client following a written abuse of process argument. Click here to read more.