Serious and complex crime specialists

Allegations of complex and organised crime require expert defence solicitors. Sonn Macmillan Walker have a team of specialists defending allegations of serious and complex crime.

The experience to get results

That’s where we stand out. Our track record of defending serious and complex criminal cases means we’re a good choice to handle yours.

With a team of dedicated and highly experienced Crown Court solicitors who specialise in defending serious crime, you’ll be in very good hands:

  • Substantial experience of handling serious and complex criminal cases.
  • Used to handling highly complex trials lasting weeks or months.
  • Expertise in dealing with difficult, complex and challenging evidence.

Give yourself a fighting chance

From terrorism, murder, manslaughter and kidnap, through to blackmail, drugs or possession of firearms cases, our expert serious crime solicitors are here to guide and support you through your trial. We have expertise in addressing difficult evidence including mobile phone data (cell site, call logs, attribution, timings), DNA and fingerprint evidence, medical evidence (relating to complainants and clients). We have used innovative techniques to demonstrate the strength of clients’ cases and we work with some of the best barristers in the country.  Why settle for anything less than the highest quality representation?

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