Organised Crime

Allegations of complex, organised crime are invariably energetically investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement agencies. Sonn Macmillan Walker has a team of specialists experienced in defending individuals accused of criminal offences linked to Organised Crime Groups, from blackmail and money laundering to drugs and firearms. We have substantial experience in managing large volumes of prosecution material and helping clients navigate their way through complex trials that can last for months.

Challenging the evidence

We have expertise in challenging mobile phone data (cell site, call logs, attribution, and timings), DNA and fingerprint evidence, drug valuation, medical evidence, and CCTV evidence. By working closely with the best independent experts and barristers in the country, we are able to present persuasive defence cases to juries.

Recent cases

R v C (2022) We represented an 18 year old of good character, who following 2 aborted trials, was acquitted of two counts of kidnap, two counts of false imprisonment and one count of blackmail. Click here to read more.

R v L (2020) – Our client pleaded guilty to participating in a multi-handed fraud producing and selling counterfeit travel cards to the value of £20 million. She received a suspended sentence.

R v P (2020) – Our client was accused of playing a significant role in a 6-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and Class C drugs. The evidence consisted of surveillance and extensive telephone evidence. Our client was acquitted. Click here to read more.

R v K (2020) – Our client was accused of production of Class B drugs after he was arrested in a property where over 100 cannabis plants. After we made multiple written representations based of a defence of modern slavery, the prosecution offered no evidence and not guilty verdicts were entered against our client. Click here to read more.

R v W (2020) – Our client was accused of conspiracy to rob at knifepoint a couple tied up at their home address. Our client pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and the substantive allegations were not proceeded with.

R v C (2019) – Our client was accused of money laundering linked to a £300,000 VAT fraud. Our client was unimously acquitted following an 8 day trial. Click here to read more.

R v O (2019) – Our client pleaded guilty to being part of a multi-million pound VAT and excise duty fraud in respect of the sale and use of fuel oils. Our client received a suspended sentence.