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Suspended Sentence for Possession with Intent to Supply Class A

By Phoebe Coleman  |  15.11.2022

Our client was found in the upstairs bedroom of a property with 96 wraps of class A and packaging materials. He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs on the basis that he was packaging the drugs to obtain a share of them, as he was an addict.

His basis of plea was accepted. Pre-sentence and drugs rehabilitation reports were ordered. Unfortunately, probation and DRR services were repeatedly delayed in their preparation of reports. We chased these services on multiple occasions to ensure that the defendant’s sentence would go ahead before he lost access to his accommodation.

We also obtained a character reference and his medical records to put forward as mitigation.

Our client was sentenced to a suspended sentence with conditions of unpaid work, rehabilitation activity requirements and trail monitoring. He was able to return to his accommodation and go back to work.

He was extremely pleased with the result:

“You have done an excellent job for me and I can’t say thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in for me. Even though I got a conviction I am happy with the outcome and I would have no solicitor other than you. You did your job thoroughly, efficiently and very professionally. I have had a lot of solicitors in the past but you top the lot.”

Phoebe Coleman was the solicitor with conduct of this case and David Kitson was the instructed advocate.

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